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The collected opinions of an august and aristocratic personage who, despite her body having succumbed to the ravages of time, yet retains the keen intellect, mordant wit and utter want of tact for which she was so universally lauded in her younger days. Being of a generation unequal to the mysterious demands of the computing device, Lady Bracknell relies on the good offices of her Editor for assistance with the technological aspects of her journal.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Air on a G string

Lady Bracknell is given by her editor to understand that she has today been sent an electronic communication entitled,

"Used g-strings for sale".

Given that Lady Bracknell is sadly deficient in the musical accomplishments traditional to those of her age and class, and therefore has no need for a g-string - used or new - she has instructed her editor to delete said electronic communication unread.


Blogger DD said...

Hath thomeone been playing a thong on it?

5:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn that Glossop woman. I was going to say that.

However, she's always quick to lyrically wax on this subject.

1:29 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Perhaps the lady who makes jewelry with spunk in it has a use for this item.

3:51 am  
Blogger  said...

The music of the spheres meets the comedy of the hairs.

"...playing a thong" quite droll indeed.

NOTE: Yes, Lady , the infirmity of years doth suchith much.

9:27 am  

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