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Thursday, May 01, 2008

BADD - favourites so far

Yes, I know it's only 10.25 in the morning. But there is no guarantee I'll be able to stay awake much longer. (Currently prodding self with pins in order to be awake when Mr Sainsbury arrives - as he should be doing very soon now - with a month's groceries.)

I've taken today off work because I'm too exhausted to get my head round technical gubbins. A spin-off benefit of that is that I hope to be able to do just a little to ease the BADD pressure on the-Goldfish-who-has-even-fewer-spoons-than-I-have.

To which end, herewith a list of links to my favourite BADD entries of the day. (A list which will no doubt get longer as the day progresses.) The risk with doing this, of course, is that I will inadvertently give mortal offence to someone who has put their heart and soul into a BADD entry which I have heartlessly omitted from my favourites list. If that happens, I'm very sorry. If I include everyone, though, I'll just be reproducing the Goldfish's master list. Which would be remarkably pointless. And these are posts which have appealed to me personally: the list is entirely subjective and, in any event, I have often been accused of having very strange preferences!

Ok. So, carefully putting the shovel down now before I dig myself an even deeper hole, let's go:

Elizabeth at Screw Bronze was the first to publish this year: boy, is this one powerful piece of writing!

Miss Nomered takes issue with unwanted - and unwarranted - pity.

Wheelie Catholic discovers a whole new sub-species of disablist.

MidLife and Treachery provides a few useful hints for avoiding being beaten severely about the head and shoulders with a mobility aid.

Sweet Perdition recognises the harm which even our own labels can cause.

In Growing up with a disability, David reveals his hitherto unsuspected talents as a social chameleon.

And, finally (for now!), the ever-reliable Wheelchair Dancer unleashes her coruscating rage on a very, very deserving recipient.

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