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Thursday, February 22, 2007

In which Lady Bracknell makes a foolish mistake

Lady Bracknell regrets to report that she is currently very decidedly under the weather. It being entirely out of character for her to present the medical fraternity with a combination of symptoms susceptible to immediate and incontrovertibly accurate diagnosis, a comprehensive battery of blood tests has been scheduled.

If there is anything more dispiriting than dragging one's ailing frame, together with one's handbag, into which one has slipped a variety of sustaining foodstuffs, to the surgery for an 8.40 a.m. appointment to have "fasting bloods" taken, it is the humiliating realisation that one has done so on the wrong day.

Which would explain why Lady Bracknell will retire to her bed momentarily in order to repeat the whole process tomorrow morning.


Blogger seahorse said...

I have done the same myself. It is a very frustrating experience. However, Lady Bracknell is to be congratulated for spreading much happiness and enjoyment through her ongoing game of 'I Went to Market'. We are nearing the finish and I do wonder whether any of us can muster up some more entertaining diversions. May Lady Bracknell fly on the wings of fortune into her medical testing facility tomorrow.

10:52 pm  

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