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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The wait is over

After what has seemed to Lady Bracknell, who has never been famed for her patience, to have been an almost intolerable delay, photographs of the latest litter of selkirk rex kittens have finally been published on the Mewsoscats website. All, of course, are endearing beyond description, but the red point curly boy (who would appear, from his photograph, to have blue eyes) would need to make very little effort indeed to win Lady Bracknell's heart.

Also published is this recent photograph* of Young Master Bertram's red** brother, Mac. When purchasing Bertie, Lady Bracknell had to choose between him and and his brother. Although she believes that she made the right choice, she continues to be completely astonished that Mac is still available, and has no qualms whatsoever in recommending him to her readers as the perfect feline companion (despite the fact that Bertie has just used his superior weight to evict Caspar from her Vantage Point of Choice).

* Lady Bracknell is in behopes that Pam will forgive her for publishing Mac's photograph here, given that her motives are to assist, in what small way she can, in finding him a home.

** Lady Bracknell knows nothing of Mac's political allegiances: she merely describes his colour.


Blogger seahorse said...

I find it incredible that such a handsome specimen should be still looking for a home. He looks most aristocratic. In fact I wonder whether the addition of a monocle and a top hat would aid his quest. He has that air about him.

10:25 pm  

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