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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Black and blue

I'm aware that it's horribly disconcerting when someone who can usually be relied upon to blog once a week at most suddenly gears up into daily blogging mode.

Which is why I really hadn't intended to blog again today.

But then the postman brought me a parcel this morning. And I was forced to abandon my good intentions.

There is quite a complicated back-story to this wondrous gift, but now is not the time to rehearse it. Instead, feast your eyes on this (grossly inadequate because taken by me) photograph of a morpho box to keep morpho jewellery in.

If that is not one of the most beautiful objects you have ever coveted, either you must be extremely talented at coveting, or I must be an even worse photographer than I had realised.

Here's a picture of the box with the lid open so that you can see the underside of those luminous blue wings.

Butterfly supplied by Nicole at Bela Brazilian Designs (click on the icon of the morpho wing earrings in the sidebar to visit her shop); box designed and created by Neile (click on the icon of the yellow butterfly in the sidebar to visit her shop).

At the risk of sounding revoltingly soppy and un-British, I feel blessed to have both these talented artists in my life.

Sincere and fulsome thanks to Neile for this unique and glorious piece of art: I was anticipating something beautiful, but the reality far exceeds my expectations. I will treasure it.

The Editor


Blogger Carapace said...

That is indeed a most covetable piece of beauty. You have my respectful envy.
And you photographs may not do it justice, but what could?

1:01 am  

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