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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rescue Cat of the Year Awards

It being well-known to Lady Bracknell that many of the more regular readers of her humble blog have a great fondness for their feline companions, she is in behopes that her provision of a link to the Cats Protection League's web page in which nominations are sought for the Rescue Cat of the Year Awards 2008 will be of interest or use.

Having familiarised herself with the categories of award, Lady Bracknell must now hasten away and encourage Caspar in her studies towards becoming an effective acupuncturist.

(Although benefiting greatly from having in-built needles at her constant disposal, the degree of commitment Caspar has shown thus far to memorising the precise location of the effective chi points on Lady Bracknell's person has left something to be desired.)


Blogger DD said...

Buster is specialising in a new discipline, Motivational Physiopuncture. Should any limbs appear less than enthusiastic during the exercises prescribed by the physioterrorist, they are encouraged to move by application of the inbuilt feline needles.

5:43 pm  
Blogger marmiteboy said...

The Cats protection League is indeed a wonderful organisation. Lily's three kit-tans all came from there and are the loveliest pussy cats you could ever meet (apart from Marmite, Twiglet and Podge of course).

9:06 pm  

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