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Saturday, March 22, 2008

More, more, morpho

My camera and my computer have fallen out. Big time. They are no longer on speaking terms with each other. In an attempt to broker a rapprochement, I uninstalled the Kodak Easyshare software and downloaded a fesh copy from the Kodak website. Which took ages. I showed the software icon to the camera and re-connected it to the computer. The camera continued to sulk. I re-charged the batteries in the camera so that it would have plenty of energy with which to face its difficult conversation with the computer. It has since given me to understand that it would take more than just fully-charged batteries for it to be willing to enter into negotiations with the computer.

Until such time, therefore, as B. Dude Esq can tear himself away from his burdensome professional duties for long enough to adopt an advocacy role between the two huffy marvels of modern technology, I am reduced to using my mobile phone to take photographs. The camera on my current phone is of a very considerably higher calibre than the ones I have been used to on previous models, so the photographs it produces are really not bad: they're just not on a par with what my camera can produce if it's in a good mood.

All of which somewhat tedious preamble is simply to emphasise that the photographs in this blog entry don't even begin to do justice to the amazing necklace the lovely Neile made for me earlier this month. Neile has recently succumbed to the universal blogging-imperative, so do drop by if you're interested in getting some insight into the process by which the wings are turned into such stunning pieces of jewellery.

Should you be even a fraction as fascinated by morpho butterflies as I have become since I first saw Neile's Etsy listings, you may wish to avail yourself of one or more of the lovely icons here.

The Editor


Blogger Katie said...


That is all.

7:23 pm  
Blogger Lady Bracknell said...


I wonder who might have bought that...?

7:39 pm  

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