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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Morning ablutions #2

These photographs were taken with the Editor's mobile telephone, there having been insufficient time for her to fetch her camera.

That fact, combined with the furious speed with which Caspar was washing Bertie's ears, has resulted in these pictures not being of great quality.

Nevertheless, Lady Bracknell considers the series of photographs to have a certain charm.


Blogger Charlesdawson said...

By the looks of it, Caspar has the same view of small boys' ablutions as my late mother: concentrate on the neck and ears!

3:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...and further to Mr. Dawson's observations, I would add that in the tradition of all great mothers, Caspar's own saliva serves as the cleaning agent (though in this case said agent is delivered directly, and not via the corner of an assiduously pre-soaked handkerchief).

Far be it from me, however, to sully the proceedings with unsavory references to oral fluids. I will only note, therefore, that my own cats engage in similarly charming grooming behaviours. The cat who is normally on the receiving end of her sister's rather firm ablutive attentions does not put up with it for long, however, or enjoy it as much as Master Bertram obviously does. I wish I had pictures. But I don't. Therefore I shall point you toward the following, Ma'am. They may look a bit scruffy, but they are cosy.

2:42 am  
Blogger Lady Bracknell said...

Is there anything more soothing first thing in the morning than a picture of snuggling kitties?

Lady Bracknell is most grateful to Jess for providing same.

6:24 am  
Blogger seahorse said...

Camera phones have an extreme advantage where capturing moments of spontoneity are concerned. Always to hand, no fiddly gadgetry, zooms, settings etc. And there is much to be said for the hastily grabbed snapshot. It's a joy to share. Meanwhile, I have taken to my bed with Ralph.

12:06 am  

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