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Friday, July 14, 2006

It's good news week

Lady Bracknell offers her heartiest congratulations to the dedicated staff of the Merseyside Diversity Mentoring Outlook programme, which last week received the AGCAS Diversity Award for "demonstrating an outstanding commitment and contribution to diversity in services to students and graduates".

Lady Bracknell, who has worked closely with the Outlook programme team for some years in a variety of capacities (chiefly that of an adviser on disability issues, although she has also acted as a mentor to a number of delightful and talented undergraduates), hopes that her own involvement has been in some small way a contributing factor to the success of the programme as a whole. (She should add at this juncture that Dude, the chauffeur, has inter-officiated surprisingly effectively for her on those occasions when she has been too frail to meet her pre-existing commitments.)

As a complete non-sequitur (but to save writing two separate blog entries), Lady Bracknell is given to understand that the editor devoted much of this afternoon to comparing deft flirting techniques with her manager. Whilst Lady Bracknell's protestant work ethic inclines her to take a very dim view indeed of persons who engage in recreational chit chat during working hours, she believes so strongly that a life without flirtations would be intolerably dull that she finds herself displaying uncharacteristic leniency in this particular instance.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Just to say "thank you" for the (only ever-so-slightly backhanded) compliment. Glad, as ever, to be of service.

And also to mention that I had never realised the editor was given to flirting. Although come to think of it, it does explain a great deal... particularly why she appears to have so many gentlemen friends.


9:57 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is her Ladyship quite well? Allowing the staff to flirt on one's time? I hope the editor's wages have been suitably adjusted. Thin end of the wedge, riots in The Mall, etc. etc.

1:33 pm  
Blogger Lady Bracknell said...

Ah, no. Lady Bracknell, whose means are somewhat straitened, cannot afford to employ a full time editor.

The editor's main salary comes from her Other Employment. She is available to Lady Bracknell at evenings and weekends only, which should help to explain why entries to Lady Bracknell's blog are not so frequent as might perhaps be desired.

1:59 pm  

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