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Friday, January 23, 2009

Special Offer! This weekend only!

I've been asked to do something I've never done before...

It's surprisingly exciting...

Shall I just get on with it?

Yup, thought so.

Readers of this - and no other - blog can get a $2 discount on any single listing in my friend Nicole's Bela Brazilian Designs Etsy shop.

As many of the pieces are already reduced by 50%, that means you can get one of these fabulous red rose rings for only $14.50. (Also available in purple.) (And yellow, apparently. Gosh: that's new!)

Having had one of these self-same rings of my very own for a while, I can confirm that they are really dramatic, and ever so three-dimensional.

(If your sale is the 700th, you can claim one of these rings - in your choice of colour - for free.)

Or, if - unlike me - you have hair of a texture which doesn't immediately reject all grips, pins and clips with huffy disdain (I suspect my hair of being Teflon-coated), you could get this extremely groovy, bright, lime-green, orchid hair pin for a mere $17.50.

Nicole's hair-accessories are the first things I've seen in a very long time which make me regret the fact that anything pinned into my hair just slides out and drops, with no discernible charm, onto my shoulder. (Actually, come to think of it, at my advanced age, there is a dreadful risk that it might drop into my cleavage instead: how classy and sophisticated would that be?)

To get your $2 discount, you can either ask for a revised invoice in the "Notes to Seller" box on your purchase screen, or Nicole will make an immediate refund to your Paypal account. Crucially, don't forget to mention - again in "Notes to Seller" - that you're claiming your Lady Bracknell Discount. Offer ends midnight Sunday, Germany time, which is 11pm UK time.

As will be immediately apparent should you be trawling Nicole's feedback in an idle moment, I am a big fan of her preserved-nature jewellery. I have many orchids; several roses; and even some dinky little, bright pink, hydrangea blossoms. Preserved flowers - and butterflies, come to that - are very light to wear and come in the most fabulous colours. As with all of Nicole's work, you will get a well-made, good quality piece of jewellery with sturdy findings. No tat, I promise. Friendship or no friendship, I wouldn't keep going back for more if I didn't absolutely love what she creates.

Hmm: am now wondering whether I will be eligible for a Lady Bracknell Discount...

The Editor


Blogger DD said...

Best do my bit to help spend our way out of the recession, then :)

10:25 pm  
Blogger Lady Bracknell said...

Your selfless commitment to the good of the global economy does you great credit.

8:10 am  

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