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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Big Brother is watching you...

Well, it's Big Sister, really, in this particular instance. But the principle remains the same: always be careful, because you never know when you might be being observed...

I got a phone call in the office yesterday. From one of my colleagues. Who, as it happens, is on leave this week. But who had a burning question which clearly couldn't wait until we see one another again.

"What were you taking pictures of when you were leaning over the wall of the TA barracks yesterday morning?", she asked.

Fortunately, there is an innocent answer to that question. And one which doesn't involve muscular young men in combat fatigues.

I was taking photographs of ice.

The previous morning, the sun had got just warm enough to melt some of the frost off the iron railings which are on top of the wall. This fell into tiny drops and made weeny little puddles which landed on nice, soft, cushiony moss, so stayed intact. By Sunday morning, they had frozen solid. They'll be frosted over themselves by now, but here's what they looked like on Sunday.

And that is why I was teetering on my tiptoes and giving every appearance of being fascinated by the barracks.

The Editor
(By the way, who knew moss could do impressions of the Millenium Dome, eh?)


Blogger DD said...

Taking pictures whilst leaning over the wall of a barracks probably gets you on Jacqui Smith's list of People Who Are Incontrovertibly Members of Al Qaeda, along with other such dodgy characters as Brazilian plumbers.

9:13 pm  

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