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Monday, November 21, 2005

Lady Bracknell tries her hand at advertising

In her weekly phone conversation with her esteemed mother, Lady Bracknell was reminded yesterday of the fact that her mother's cousin Jimmy, and his wife Christine, emigrated to Canada about six years ago. They sold their farm in Westmoreland (Lady Bracknell refuses to succumb to the relatively modern fad for referring to Cumberland and Westmoreland in combination as "Cumbria") and bought a new one in Saskatchewan. And here they are, standing in front of Jumping Deer farm house.

Should any of Lady Bracknell's readers be holidaying thereabouts, they may be interested to know that Jimmy and Christine offer bed and breakfast.

Lady Bracknell apologises to Jimmy who, it would appear, is now generally known as "Jim". She also has an uncle John who is known by everyone except family members as "Jack". But when one has associated a particular name with a particular individual for one's entire life, and when one is, in any case, somewhat averse to changes of nomenclature (see earlier comment re: Cumbria), it is not easy to change one's habits overnight.

Christine has had an article published in this month's Saga Holidays magazine. Lady Bracknell regrets to report that the article can currently only be accessed in full by persons choosing to subscribe to the magazine online, but the first two paragraphs may be read here. Readers who are possessed of a degree of patience may be pleased to know that the site indicates that articles from previous editions of the magazine are always available in full once that edition has been superceded.

It is a great many years since Lady Bracknell visited Jimmy and Christine, but she has always retained extremely fond memories of them. Her ladyship is, unfortunately, enfeebled to the extent that travel to Canada would be quite out of the question for her. But, should any of her more robust readers make it to Jumping Deer Farm at any point, she would very much welcome a report from them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have never been to Canada my Lady. It was those giant trees and grizzly's that put me off the idea, plus the fact that in case I should find myself lost in a vast wilderness I would surely perish. I adore the Ray Mears programmes, but find I don't take in all the vital information he gives us.He can whip together a three storey apartment out of tree bark and dandelion spit, and I fear I might need someone of his expertise to travel alongside me. However, Jumping Deer Farm looks idyllic and quite stress free.

8:08 pm  
Blogger Katie said...

Hello, your ladyship!

I have visited Canada once before but never that region, as I went and visited a town near Vancover called White Rock to visit my uncle and aunt who live there, but have heard of Saskatchewan before as my cousins did their mounted police training there(they're police officers!) and they said how beautiful it was and that farm looks idyllic!

5:24 am  

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