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Sunday, May 18, 2008

So Clear In My Mind

Regular readers will recall that I have mentioned the Mighty Alan Counsell more than once in the past. Three times, in fact.

A copy of his autobiography is currently listed on Alibris for the not-unreasonable sum of £16.02.

I'm unwilling to trust my own copy to the post for anyone to read because Mr C wrote a personal message to me on the inside cover when a few of us ambushed* him at a Positive About Disability training event for a "celebrity signing", so it is irreplaceable. But it really is worth reading, whether you have the privilege of knowing Mr C personally or not.

No news to report on the planned sequel, I'm afraid. I must make enquiries of the man himself.

The Editor

*Don't worry: he got his own back. I still bear the scars...


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