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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Lady Bracknell makes a useful discovery

Regular readers may recall Lady Bracknell's recent list of helpful suggestions for stratagems to be used during inclement weather. In particular, the suggestion that, for the purposes of remaining warm, it is advisable to ensure that the room you are in is warm. In order to establish the warmth of the area in which one is situated, the not-remotely-patronising author of this handy hint suggested hanging a thermometer on the wall.

However, should one have had the great good fortune to have inherited a magnificent mansion from one's ancestors, one might be put to the expense of purchasing literally dozens of thermometers, were one to follow this advice to the letter.

Unless, of course, one had chosen instead to invest in a pair of these practical, yet stylish, thermometer earrings. (No, really: Lady Bracknell is not making this up.)

These remarkable items, which combine form and function in a novel manner, may be purchased here for the princely sum of $40 (plus shipping and handling). Chilly persons who can call on the assistance of either a spouse or a liveried minion will be able to learn the ambient temperature of whichever room they are currently gracing with their august presence without the slightest effort.

Those who live in splendid solitude will need only to unhook one of the pair to read off the temperature for themselves.

Naturally, there is little to be gained from learning the temperature of any given room if one does not have the means to raise that temperature should it be uncomfortably frigid. Lady Bracknell would draw the attention of any of her readers who have not already seen it to her post on the Ouch blog in relation to the "In The Balance" report from Leonard Cheshire which provides sobering information about disabled people's experience of debt.


Blogger Gimpy Mumpy said...

Hmmmm.....I cannot help but wonder what other uses these could have when used with other piercings. I can just see the kids now, "see I told you I was HOT."
I'll go wash my mind with soap now.

12:42 am  
Blogger Lady Bracknell said...

Lady Brackell thanks Ms Mumpy for that charming mental image....

8:22 am  

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