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Monday, September 25, 2006

Man and woman wearing sunglasses

At long last, the website for Blankstone's Magnificent Optical Emporium (Lady Bracknell's optician of choice) is online.

The charming Mr Blankstone is keen to receive feedback on the accessibility of the site so, as the Editor has no particular access requirements for computing devices - and as the interwebnet is a great mystery to Lady Bracknell herself, who was brought up with quill pens and foolscap and sees no reason to change her ways at this stage in her life - they are unable to help him.

The gauntlet must therefore now be thrown down to Lady Bracknell's loyal readers, some of whom she knows to have specific access requirements for websites. If they would be so kind, they are requested to visit the site and use the handy comments facility to describe any access problems the site causes for them.

The accessibility statement is here.

One problem which the Editor has identified on her own is that

a) not all of the photographs display descriptive captions when the cursor hovers over them; and

b) those that do are misdescribed.

For example, the photograph of the charming Mr Blankstone with a certain Mr Nastase of tennis fame on this page is rather misleadingly captioned, "man and woman wearing sunglasses". As Mr Nastase is the only one of the two wearing sunglasses, Mr Blankstone might be well-advised to resolve that particular problem with considerable speed....


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