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Sunday, April 02, 2006

A short commercial break

Mr Rose having humbled himself to such a degree in his latest blog entry (and this from a gentleman who is not generally known for his humility), Lady Bracknell feels it incumbent upon her to bow to his wishes and provide a link to the BBC Ouch Disability Podcast.

Lady Bracknell rather suspects that the majority of those who visit her blog have come to its pages via the Ouch blogroll and will already have listened to said podcast. Should any of her readers prove the exception to this rule, however, she encourages them to both listen to the podcast (which, despite its bizarre name, can be enjoyed without one needing to be in possession of a trendy iPod device) and to use whatever means are at their disposal to further promote its existence.


Blogger Katie said...

I have listened to said podcast your ladyship as you well know, I am a fan of Mr Rose and his musings on the Ouch website, and found this podcast to be suitably ironic, sarcastic and very hilarious.

However I do fear for the bricks holding up Bracknell Towers if her ladyship were to laugh loudly at the podcast. I do hope that Bracknell Towers holds up to her ladyship's laughter.

Her ladyship may be interested to read my account of the podcast on my blog if she wishes to, and it also tells of Mr Rose on there too.

8:39 pm  

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