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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Promises, promises...

Pop still being somewhere in that nebulous region between mud and canvas, I find myself with rather more time on my hands than usual and in a position to discharge a promise I recently made.

Ordinarily, when I refer to Etsy artisans on this blog, it is by nature of a review. But I am breaking with my own self-imposed tradition in this instance to promote the work of a jeweller whose work I covet, but who is not yet high enough up on my "waiting list" for me to have yet made a purchase.

EmiliaRose2 offers high-quality beaded jewellery in a colour palette which is strong, sophisticated and distinctive without being brash or dazzling: class, rather than bling.

Whilst it is entirely possible to buy considerably cheaper necklaces on Etsy, I don't consider this work to be overpriced in any way. Unusually - and I can think of only one other Etsy jeweller who does this, off the top of my head - the stringing is done on silk cord, which is knotted between each bead. If you have your grandmother's pearls hidden away in your own jewellery box, it's extremely likely that this technique will have been used to string them.

Knotting between beads provides three main benefits:-

  1. it prevents the beads from chafing against one another and, if they are made from something soft or friable, consequently incurring damage;

  2. should the cord break, you will not find yourself standing helplessly by while several dozen beads bounce individually off into the distance to be lost for ever down a drain;

  3. knotting creates necklaces with beautiful draping properties. There is simply no comparison with necklaces strung on beading wire.

In short, a knotted necklace is a necklace which is made to last and to be worn for many years. EmiliaRose2's designs, whilst distinctive, are also classic: they aren't suddenly going to go out of fashion.

When I first saw EmiliaRose2's work, I contacted her to enquire about the source of the coral she uses. I'm pleased to report that it's all bought from stockpiled sources of several decades' vintage. This is another element which pushes the price up somewhat in comparison with her competitors, but she believes that ethics are more important than turning a swift buck.

Promise duly discharged, there are a couple of other Etsy artisans to whose work I'd like to draw a little more attention than they may gain from other sources.

It's always a sad day for a middle-aged woman when she realises that there are some kinds of jewellery in the world which she really is now too old to get away with wearing. I had just such an epiphany when I stumbled across UpcycleMart's shop. My horror of being perceived as mutton dressed as lamb prevents me from purchasing any of these items which are cunningly constructed out of those free CDs which all of us endlessly receive through the post, whether we've asked for them or not. However, knowing that some of this blog's readers are young - if not necessarily sprightly - and that some of those who are neither young nor sprightly have teenaged daughters, I'm providing the link through to the shop and a photograph of one of the pairs of earrings.

Lastly - but by no means leastly - I have, within the last couple of days, taken advantage of the sale which is running at MidnightBluAdorn's shop. (Great shop name.)

MidnightBlu does very clever things indeed with translucent polymer clay, glass, paper and shrink plastic, producing tiny little works of art to take with you wherever you go. I'm enormously intrigued by the idea of wearing a preserved pen and ink sketch round my neck which is why, amongst other items, I have bought this wonderfully-atmospheric Bird and Tree necklace.

Although I'm more usually drawn to strong, bold colours, I'm not averse to a bit of monochrome if it's appropriate to the design. Do go and have a look - this is highly original work at a very affordable price.

The Editor


Blogger DD said...

You are such a temptress!

Wonder when my 'holiday shopping' credit card bill will arrive?

Someone has to keep up consumer spending to assist the money markets, honest ......

2:23 pm  
Blogger Lady Bracknell said...

Um, yes.


Don't look, Ethel!!

10:03 pm  

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