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Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Mighty Mr C hits the airwaves

Regular readers of Lady Bracknell's blog will recall that she has mentioned her mentor Mr C before.

The good news, both for those who know Mr C, and for those who have expressed a desire to know more about the gentleman in question, is that his dulcet tones may be heard (in the United Kingdom, at least) at eight o'clock this very evening on the Archive Hour programme on Radio 4. The programme will report on Scope's "Speaking for Ourselves" initiative, an oral history project recording the life experiences of persons over fifty years of age who have cerebral palsy.

Readers outside the United Kingdom, or who have more exciting things to do on their Saturday nights than to curl up in front of the radiogram with a mug of cocoa, will be able to utilise the helpful "listen again" feature on the BBC's website.

(Lady Bracknell is prepared to wager everything she owns that Mr C himself would not have been party to the description of the subject matter of the programme as being "heart-breaking and inspirational".)

Mr C has previously written his autobiography, "So Clear In My Mind", but the book has been out of print for many years. And Lady Bracknell rather suspects that her own scouring of second-hand sources over the last two or three years must all but have exhausted the available spare copies. However, she is assured by Mr C that not only a re-print, but also a second volume, are in the process of being prepared for the publishers. Her ladyship will report any breaking news in relation to their publication with alacrity in the pages of this blog.

Post script

It would appear that Mr C was wrongly advised by his sources. His dulcet tones were not heard. Notwithstanding this disappointing omission, the programme has much to recommend it, and Lady Bracknell would still encourage those of her readers who missed the "live" broadcast to access it online at some stage during the next seven days.


Blogger Nicola said...

I heard the second half of it...

My friend was on it (subject of my valentine's day confusion). He was one of the volunteer interviewers.

I can only assume they let him talk about college and going to football on the train to serve as a contrast on improved quality of life...

Or he was rambling. Either way it was a pleasant suprise :-)

3:25 pm  
Blogger marmiteboy said...

Nic, I guessed it was your mate Sam as soon as I heard it. Not many people are Crystal Palace season ticket holders after all ;-)

3:48 pm  

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