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Thursday, October 27, 2005

"Thanks for the eloquent and humorous blog posts"

Lady Bracknell (who seems to be making quite a habit of receiving favours from charming gentlemen at the moment) wishes to announce her indebtedness and gratitude to Steve the Stick Man.

In a quite extraordinarily generous act, Steve has repaid Lady Bracknell for the enjoyment and amusement he receives from her humble blog entries by making her a magnificent gift of both a handsome red walking stick and a handsome purple walking stick.

Lady Bracknell has attempted to demonstrate the translucency of these handsome sticks via the photographic medium, but is aware that the results of her endeavours with the camera are but a poor substitute for the effect which she had hoped to achieve. Photography is not something that Lady Bracknell could realistically claim as an accomplishment. Readers who wish to get a better idea of the true appearance of these jewel-like sticks would be well advised to visit the Clear Canes site. (A photograph of the handsome blue walking stick has also been included here, as Lady Bracknell has a vague memory of having promised to publish one some little while ago.)

Not for one moment did Lady Bracknell ever expect that her venture into the blogsphere might result in such marvellous gifts. She is truly touched by the generosity and the kind words of Steve the Stick Man. It gives her ladyship immense pleasure to discover that her writing entertains her readers.

Notwithstanding the fact that Lady Bracknell categorically did not set out to importune gifts from her readers, she anticipates that her current entry may well result in a rash of what she has decided to call "blog blagging".

The charming and erudite Mr Simons, for example, has revealed to her ladyship that he is in the throes of composing eloquent and moving paragraphs on the desirability of vacationing in Barbados. And this despite the fact that he is far from convinced that he numbers any Barbadian travel agents amongst the regular readers of his fine blog.

It would appear entirely feasible that young Master Marmite might arrive home one day to find a crate of savoury spread on his doorstep. Although, given that there is only so much Marmite that even a dedicated afficionado can consume, an entire crate of the stuff might serve only to create storage problems for the gentleman in question.

Lady Bracknell, who would have felt highly embarrassed about the gift of walking sticks had she been making a deliberate attempt to "blag" them, must leave it up to the conscience of individual authors to decide whether they could live with themselves should they attempt any blog blagging of their own.


Blogger marmiteboy said...

One is also impressed by the skill of Fishbone for balancing the sticks on the end of her nose while her Mistress takes the photographs.

Marmite and Twiglet are very taken with her talent as a stick balancer.

8:19 am  
Blogger Gimpy Mumpy said...

Wow! Beautiful canes. I love the range of colors.
Now if only they would come out with one that changes color with our moods......
It could be tied in to the Crip Mood Alert System! Mood canes, rather than mood rings.
(race you to the patent office!)

2:40 pm  
Blogger Lady Bracknell said...

This is what happens when one crops photographs. The casual observer cannot be sure whether the sticks were balanced on

a) the windowsill; or

b) the nose of a feline companion.

Fishbone is flattered by Master Marmite's assumption about the strength of her nose....

11:39 am  

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